Where is Deniliquin?

Before anyone gets alarmed or mad, DNS knows exactly where Deniliquin is but as many people have pointed out throughout time some people and organizations have no idea.

It is true that Deniliquin gets Victorian TV, Victoria’s 03 when it comes to dialling, the Herald Sun is also the paper of choice but we are not located in Victoria as some publications have listed the town under.

There have been photographs of a dried out river that was said to be the Edward a few years back and that really got people mad as it was damaging for tourism because if people thought the Edward River was dry, nobody would come.

A statement on visitdeni.com.au has gotten peoples attention, the page is very nice with great use of colours and photographs though some of the eating out lists need updating but there’s a sticking point on the front page.


The sticking point to people is that it says Deniliquin is ‘The Murrays Best Kept Secret’ which is amusing to some because the Murray River is about a 45 minute drive to the south.

Perhaps the writers say the Murrays because the Edward River is an anabranch of the Murray River therefore it is all the Murrays.

The counter argument to the Murrays statement is that just because the Edward’s water flows from the Murray doesn’t make it the Murray River and Deniliquin cannot be the Murrays best kept secret because that’s for towns that are on the banks of the Murray and we should be the best kept secret of the Edward River.

No doubt this sticky point will reach the eyes and ears in charge of Tourism and perhaps a correction be made for the good of everyone to make total sense, we wouldn’t want tourists driving the roads around the Murray looking for a town that’s just not there because we are on the anabranch of it.

EDIT: Story edited to better explain the position of the debate between being on the Murray and not being on the Murray.


1 thought on “Where is Deniliquin?

  1. The Edward is an anabranch of the Murray. In fact it used to be the Murry (but thanks to the Cadell tilt approx 30 thousand years ago the river changed course) It leaves the
    Murray at picnic point and rejoins it again a Wakool Junction Near Kyalite. So yes we are part of the Murray. The water you see flow past us comes from the Murray and then back into it. You drink (albeit treated) Murray water every day.


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