Myatt’s a leader in online broadcasting

Local man Anthony Myatt has been busy in recent years making apps to make online radio broadcasting easier than ever.

Anthony not only makes apps for broadcasting but he had a stint in running his own online radio station called TribeFM which was a great experience for himself and for those who got to be on the air either talking about day to day things or playing their favourite tracks for the people, giving listeners insight into the life of the radio presenter.

iBroadcast was the first program to be launched and the program allows users to turn their iPad into an online radio broadcast station, the program has many abilities including music, voice and Auto DJ for those want music to keep on going and much more.

iCast for the iPhone was then launched, iCast was aimed at those who like to do talk shows or wantto use the program as external audio hardware.

After iCast had a run, iCast 2 was released for the public to enjoy with improvements on the original yet this new iCast retained the easy to use style that made it a good choice.

iBroadcast 2 is now being developed and so far it is doing well as readers can see in the pictures below, this program will no doubt offer more than the original which is a win for all users seeking to hit the online airwaves yet retain all the characteristics that made the original a good online radio product.

iBroadcast can be purchased from iTunes and iCast 2 can also be purchased on iTunes, those interested in the development of the two programs can also visit online Anthony’s Deniliquin based company Imperative Apps, Imperative Apps has both a website and Facebook page to choose from.

The two programs mentioned above show that Deniliquin has within it’s boundaries a leader in making online radio as portable as possible.


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