Rain falls once again

Deniliquin residents enjoyed the rain today with the town receiving good rainfall for the second time since last Friday.

The rain may have forced many people to revise their outdoor plans for Mothers Day but a day of watching movies or doing other indoor activities would have no doubt be deemed a suitable replacement for some.

This rain is good news for the town as the farms gets the water its fields needs, water tanks fill up to ensure long term supply and lawns spring to life which is a far sight better than front and back yards as well as farm fields of brown.

The above pictures which were taken by Dan Clark and that DNS are always grateful for, show the rain doing it’s thing in town.
A closer inspection of the photos shows puddles, cars with headlights on, the mist like appearance of rain in the distance and the recent hot topic of local roads not in the greatest of shape (picture taken in the North side of town).

The rain is expected to reappear in the early hours of Monday morning and possibly on and off until Tuesday before the weather goes back to it’s previous pattern but after two great days of rain, nobody can be blamed for hoping for a little bit more.


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