Rovers Talk (7/5/16)

The Rovers were away from home today as they taken on Mathoura in Round 6 of both Football and Netball action.


A Grade set out to get their second win in a row for the first time this season and they got it in convincing fashion with a 30 goal win.
The scores at the end of the game read Rovers 63 to Mathoura 33, an impressive total for the A Grade side.

B Grade went into todays game aiming to bring up their undefeated season going for at least another week and they did so successfully by winning 50 to 30 against their Mathoura opponents.

C Grade were beaten last week by Strathmerton and so the team aimed to get back on the winners list today against Mathoura.
C Grade got on the winners list with an impressive 34 to 18 win over their Mathoura opponents.

C Reserve went in to today’s game aiming to make it four wins in a row and they got it with a 43 to 12 win over their Mathoura opponents, C Reserve are now 5-1 for the season going into the bye.

The Junior sides played very well against their Mathoura opponents and below is the results of their games.

The Under 17’s have made it six wins from six matches with a nice 43 to 22 goal win, the 21 goal win is the perfect result going in to next weeks bye.

The Under 15’s Rovers side may of fallen short against Strathmerton but they stood tall and won their second game of the season at the expense of their Mathoura opponents with the scores at the end of the game reading Rovers 31 to Mathoura 10.

The Under 13’s have made it six wins from six matches with a massive 34 goal win against their Mathoura opponents, the scores at the end of the game read Rovers 42 to Mathoura 8.


Rovers Football sides were in action against their Mathoura opponents and overall the teams had a good day.

The Seniors were out to win three in a row after defeating Strathmerton last week and they won in convincing fashion with the final margin 54 points.

It was a three goal to two first quarter for the Rovers before they added seven unanswered goals in the second to take a forty-seven point lead at Half Time.
The Rovers then kicked 3.2 to 1.0 in the third quarter and sealed the win despite being outscored 6.2 to 5.1 with the scores at Full Time reading Rovers 18.7- 115 to Mathoura 9.7 – 61.

T. Lumbar easily topped the goal kickers list with an outstanding total of thirteen goals, B Jones kicked three and T. Draffin and J. Hope kicked one goal apiece in the win.

The Reserves entered their match being undefeated after five rounds of the season and at the end of the match the Rovers were still undefeated after defeating Mathoura by 75 points.

It was a 4.1 to 1.1 opening term for the Rovers and a 5.1 to 0.1 second quarter to setup a 48 point lead at Half Time, the Rovers then kicked 4.2 to 1.3 in the third quarter before sealing the deal with a 4.1 to 2.3 final quarter effort.

D. Kirby was the pick of the goal kickers with a 7 goal haul, B. Ezard booted himself five goals, K. Shephard booted 2 and A. Goodear, A. Rourke and J. Parsons all kicked a goal each.

The U/17’s went into the game looking to add another win to their 5-0 record and they ended the game with the record now reading 6-0 after crushing Mathoura by 154 points.

The Rovers kicked 22.22 – 154 to 0.0 – 0 with J. Campbell starring with 5 goals for the match, J. Caniglia kicked four, R. Norris and R. Brunker both kicked three goals apiece, R. Gazzara 2 and R. Murray and B. Sartore each kicked three goals apiece and D. Kirby kicked one.

U/14’s went into todays game aiming to break their two game losing streak and they did so in ruthless fashion with the side keeping Mathoura scoreless in the match to win by 111 points.

The Rovers side kicked four goals in the each of the first, second and third quarters before kicking five in the last to help themselves to score of 17.9 – 111 to Mathoura’s 0.0 – 0.

B. East starred with 7 goals, B. Armstrong, R. Murphy, B. Thomson all kicked two goals apiece whilst T. Chandler, T. Blake, J. Liu and H. Mowat all kicked one goal apiece.


A Grade have got their two wins in a row for the first time this season and will no doubt come back from the bye aiming to make it three straight.

B Grade can relax knowing they’ve had an excellent start to the season and fans will no doubt be interested to see what happens after the bye.

C Grade are back on the winners list and are running 5-1 going into the bye next week, C Grade will no doubt be eager to make it two in a row when Rovers games resume in Round 8.

C Reserve are now 5-1 which is a solid record going into the bye next week, C Reserve are the second hottest form side of all the senior Rovers teams.

Junior teams have had a good season so far with their Under 17’s and Under 13’s sides still enjoying an undefeated start to the season.

The Under 15’s will be feeling good after snaring their second win of the season and improving to 2-4.

On the Football side, The Rovers Seniors have won three straight and are no doubt feeling confident with every game they play.

The Reserves must really wish the bye isn’t next week but it is but there is no doubt they’ll be raring to pick up from where they left off when they return in Round 8.

The Under 17’s must also wish they haven’t got the bye too but this bye could really help the young side recover well and do it all again from Round 8.

The Under 14’s Football side are back on the winners list and have a strong 4-2 record going into the bye.

Overall it was the perfect day for the Rovers as all Football and Netball sides returned home with wins and there is nothing sweeter than returning from an away game with a win.

May the Rovers enjoy their great day and their week off, Rovers Talk will be running as usual next week with something yet to be determined so you will still get a Rovers fix of some kind even on the week off.

Go Rovers!


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