The pressures on Business

Businesses are under pressure more than ever thanks to the recent advances in social media that puts businesses and customers closer than ever before.

Let’s take game making as one example, game companies used to be able to quietly make games and consumers had to wait until release to post grievances, now gamers can follow progress, ask for game content to be added, show their impatience with game development speed and really trash a game if there is mistakes in it.

A perception of a business could can with a single message, one message of discontent can inspire others to post about their experiences and it may inspire change in the business but there is also the risk that the discontent could get really nasty in a short period of time.

If a Pizza is cooked badly or you get a badly made Bun or something else from some store that just isn’t up to standards from product to opening and closing times not being followed as advertised, talk to the manager first because it is more likely than not they will happily refund you or get you a replacement item to ensure the regaining of your satisfaction.

If that is not possible, take pictures of what is not up to standard and privately contact someone higher up, If that is not an option just post a polite message to the Facebook page with the pictures, it may shame them but they will work to rectify the bad experience.

It is good to alert a business of something they have or are doing wrong but always make sure to be polite about it, unless the workers love to be sloppy it is usually a case of human error and they’d happily fix things for you.

Perhaps together we can do well for businesses and their employees by helping them lift standards the polite and helpful way.


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