What do you crave?

Over the last week, DNS has been talking about Fast Food because Fast Food is very big in Deniliquin that it could be the #1 shop industry in town and there’s been lots of action there as well.

With Central Pizza now in chaos, Pizza lovers who craved a Satore family made Pizza has to look for new options until they return or somebody else takes the mantle of providing the best Pizzas in town.

So you got the other Pizza outlets, Thai Food, Malaysian Food, Chinese Food, Sushi, Fish and Chips, McDonalds, Subway and almost everything but the kitchen sink of other stuff to choose from.

Yesterday got people talking about Fast Food options and Hungry Jacks and KFC came up as two desires, both require a trip to Victoria (Civilization as some put it) to satisfy those desires.

Say either of them happen, where would you put a HJ’s or KFC? Would KFC go back to it’s old locale or somewhere new? Would you try putting it on the North side or perhaps an empty shop could have it like those little outlets they have in shopping centres etc.

Of course Echuca and Moama are probably wishing none of the above paragraph happens because it deprives them of business since Deni people love traveling over there to get a meal and other stuff, it is pretty much standard for somebody to go to Echuca or Moama for a meal and have friends or family throw in an order for you to bring back meaning extra $$$ for Echuca and Moama.

What is the readers choice of a takeaway meal? Where is the place you get your meal from that absolutely satisfies you? What would you like to see open in the future? Let us know by commenting on FB or here and remember to keep it PG.



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