Is Men’s Netball a future possibility?

Netball is a popular sport and you can see that is the case when you see small towns having multiple teams of them in competition of some kind.

It’s gotten DNS thinking, what would happen if there was a Men’s Netball competition? It isn’t really far-fetched of a thought because the number of sports where there is both a Male and Female competition are growing, the AFL will have competitions for both sexes next year after years of exhibition matches between the female Bulldogs and the Demons picked sides.

So imagine if a Men’s Netball competition came into being and we’re not talking about the weekdays competition down at the Stadium but Saturday or Sunday down at Memorial Park competition against other towns just like you see the Rovers and Rams sides in action every Netball season.

The uniforms be would similar to what the ladies wear but of course made for male comfort and the rules would be exactly the same and it should be fun to participate in and fun to watch in action.

It could be something widespread, Could always allow Boys to have competitions just like the current competitions or introduce interschool competitions, or if there is a mixed competition make it exactly even so both teams on paper have the same strengths and weaknesses.

It could happen if the numbers were right, somebody or some town just has to be the first one to say hey we got a really good idea and maybe it would snowball from there.

What are readers thoughts?


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