A change in the Algae situation?

There is a new update available for those who are eagerly awaiting the death of the Blue-Green Algae that is plaguing the River systems in New South Wales and Victoria.

The levels at Billabong Creek in Conargo are reading as steady and it is still steady in the mid sections of the Wakool River however it is decreasing at Kyalite.

Meanwhile at Gulpa Creek and the Edward River (Mathoura to Moulamein) levels are steady in the mid sections but it is decreasing at Moulamein.

Southern NSW is finally seeing Amber and Green icons on the map provided by the NSW Office of Water/Department of Primary Industries after weeks of seeing nothing but red symbols indicating Red Alert status.

So could this all mean that the crisis is starting to go away or will it be a never ending cycle of alerts until the suspected cause which is the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is reworked or abolished? We hope it is the first thought.


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