Rovers Talk 28/3/16


The Rovers on the weekend done a masterful job on the BBQ at the Rodeo as they kept Rodeo goers well fed with nicely cooked food, over a dozen Rovers participating in keeping the BBQ running at all times with Trav Beames clocking up at least 16 hours of work on the day.

April 2 brings us the Deni Dero Shuffle, the free entry event (event is not for U/18’s) is at the Rovers Clubrooms from 7pm and the style of dress is Dero/Bogan.

A total of 30 songs can be purchased like a person buys a raffle ticket and they will be played throughout the night, the twist is unlike a raffle it’s the last song left that results in having a winner of the contest.

There is no doubt that these 30 songs will be very interesting selections and we can only hope they aren’t howlers like Paris Hilton or Justin Bieber for those who don’t like the two singing.

The winner of the contest will find themselves a little richer than what they came into the night with and will set the rest of their weekend up nicely.

DNS thinks that April 2 will be a great time Rovers fans, for more information visit the event page on this link.

Update: There is now 40 songs available, each song can be chosen for $40 with the winner pocketing $600 if their song is the last to be played, all details available in the above link.





1 thought on “Rovers Talk 28/3/16

  1. Thanks very much for your coverage. All details have now been confirmed. There will be 40 songs available at $40 each. Prize money is $600.


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