Deniliquin shows it cares

Deniliquin during this month of March has shown that it is a generous and compassionate town after it enthusiastically supported many great causes over the month.

Residents had donated generously to those past and present Deniliquin residents participating in the World’s Greatest Shave and also brought lots of well made treats from the Cake Stall on March 19 which boosted the donated total greatly.

Deniliquin continued to be covered in blue in support of the Nurses as restructuring of the local system has been bad news as the nurses have to now do more with less at Deniliquin Hospital which adds to nurses level of stress and fatigue and other factors.

Residents turned up in strong numbers for World Water Day and give a strong voice to what the town believes is wrong with the Murray-Darling Basin Plan especially with the Blue-Green Algae crisis now in it’s second month plus the fact that farms will be cut off by the rising river and channel water levels as the River system gets a flush.

Donations have been coming in steadily for the Burumbuttock Hay Runners, hundreds of earrings were brought as were treats at the Cake Stall and Earring Sale on March 23 plus money has been donated at Bakers Delight and at Deniliquin Rams training sessions as well donated fuel cards at Purtills and in turn Purtills and other businesses have greatly assisted in donation totals as well.

There was also the Good Friday Appeal for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne where several Deniliquin residents both past and present have or have had received the best of care at many decades of the Hospital being in operation.

All of the above is just some of the events and causes Deniliquin has supported or lent it’s voice during this month and .it is an impressive amount of causes and events to get behind in just 26 days at this time of writing.

Some say the donations is all part of the ‘Aussie Spirit’ but in reality we are just human beings and we are not hesitant to give humanitarian aid to those around us who need it and this month so many people needed it and it was given and it will be given for many years to come.

Be proud of your efforts Deniliquin.


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