500 likes for DNS

Greetings DNS readers and those who are curious,

Thank you for giving us 500 likes on Facebook, it is a humbling milestone to achieve as when the page was established one like would of been fantastic so to get 499 more of them is really something special.

Thank you for also leaving comments, it is always good to know other people’s opinions on matters and together we do very well.

It has been good to write about events like World Water Day, the uneasiness about the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and events like the World’s Greatest Shave Cake Stall and the Cake Stall and Earring Sale for the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners.

It is sad but we’ve also had to write about things like Blue-Green Algae which has dragged on for far too long as it affects in no particular order tourism, recreational activities, farming and much more.

Coming up in the future will be pieces on the best takeaway foods, go into history some more, write more on what could be really good for Deniliquin to have in the future, more Rovers Talk, maybe dip into controversy and question the existence of the Ute Muster (it does have people who wish it goes away) and much more.

Thank you once again for the 500 Facebook likes and over 2,000 site hits this year, We certainly hope we don’t write shocking in the future and cause almost everybody to leave us because that would really suck if that happens but we’re sure it won’t.


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