The rain has fallen

After a long wait, the rain finally fell in Deniliquin during the early hours of today and has continued well after the sun has risen.

The rain has been a welcome sight for residents as the town has had Summer like conditions in what is now the third week of Autumn.

It was a frustrating journey to this point of time as weather forecasters have predicted rain on several days only to retract the prediction by the next day leading to frustration as lawns, plants, animals and farms were affected by the high temperatures.

It is expected that the rain will stop at around lunchtime with a nice but windy afternoon expected, Temperatures are expected to stay below 30 until next Wednesday before going back below 30 for an unknown amount of time.

In honour of the rain falling, below is a list of some of the songs out there with the word Rain in the title, some of them are considered classics.

Rain – The Beatles
Rain – Dragon
Summer Rain – Belinda Carlisle
Blame it on the Rain – Milli Vanilli
Wish it would Rain – Phil Collins
Raining in my Heart – Buddy Holly
Purple Rain – Prince
November Rain – Guns n Roses

Know any songs with the word Rain in the title? Let us know or share your thoughts on the welcome change of pace.


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