Cert 2’s Gardening this year

Last year, a chance look at the ground around two Garden Beds at TAFE led the Cert 1’s studying Access to Work and Training to establish a Vegetable and eventually Flower and Herb garden.

This year, Cert 2 of Access to Work and Training students many of whom were part of the Cert 1 experience are re-establishing the garden, the class is stacked with excellent Gardeners and so with the proper research and effort something fantastic should happen.

Last year’s Garden comprised of Lettuce, Tomato and Capsicum plants as well as a variety of flowers, Marigolds and a range of Herbs.
2016’s group has a time advantage on 2015’s effort but this is only good news for wherever the produce will end up this year.

DNS hopes that the Garden will go well and that some group will benefit from what is grown, the possibilities are endless with the produce could be used by the class privately, given to the Canteen for extra fresh Sandwiches and Salads, given to Charity or sold at the local Market.

DNS will continue to report on the Garden as it comes to hand.

(Picture from 2015’s effort)


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