Relief ahead for Deniliquin?

Predicting the weather has been a difficult task with temperature expectations changing daily which is no doubt frustrating for residents who are seeking relief from the heat.

Weatherzone is predicting that Deniliquin’s hot weather will be easing from Sunday with temperatures running between 32 and 33 degrees from Sunday to next Wednesday which is far more comfortable than Friday’s expected top of 38 degrees.

Rain is on the cards for the entire week with odds being no less than 50% for each day but the best chance of rain appears to be on Saturday until next Tuesday with rain totals predicted to fall between 1 to 5 millimetres for each day.

Rain Chances (days expected between 1mm to 5mm)

Saturday – 90%
Sunday – 70%
Monday – 50%
Tuesday – 80%

We can only hope that the prediction of rain comes true and the farms and yards throughout Deniliquin gets the drink it deserves as residents gets the cooler weather they deserve.


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