Blooming Algae in the Edward River

It is now confirmed that Algae Blooms have occurred in the Deniliquin region including the Edward River and it’s branches.

Farmers are advised to keep a watchful eye on all their stock, yard dogs and personal pets and to also watch for the following if any of them have entered the water in recent days.

– Dull
– Off feed
– Trembling and/or staggering
– Drooling
– Diarrhea
– Unable to stand

Everyone must not to get into or drink water directly from the Edward River and it’s branches until you hear of the all clear being given by the experts, we know the weather is hot and the River is an easy and cheap way to cool down but it is not worth the risk.

DNS also advises readers to continue to check the Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic Facebook Page and the DPI website on Algae alerts for all the latest information, DNS will continue to report on the situation as information comes to hand.


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