Deniliquin joins relief effort

Times are tough on farms across the country, rainfall hasn’t been at levels where it is supposed to be and it is killing crops and animals despite desperate and costly measures by farmers to keep things on an even keel.

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners has been a many times conducted effort to provide relief to farmers, earlier this year hundreds of trucks loaded with Hay made it’s way to Queensland to farms where it was needed the most and now an even bigger effort is scheduled for March 30.

Deniliquin is an active participant in this new effort with Purtills offering to match residents donations of fuel cards to the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners up to $2000, To make your donation simply go to Purtills and purchase a fuel card and ask for it to be donated to Burrumbuttock Hay Runners, the amount you donate will then be matched and your name (if you choose it to) will be added to a spreadsheet and given to organizers in Albury.

Gold coin donations can also be made at Bakers Delight as well as every Deniliquin Rams training session conducted during this month of March so if you have got any gold coins and you want to use them for a good cause then this is one that will tick most if not all your boxes.

Money donations can also be given to ‘The Rotary Club of Sydney’ and the details are the following

BSB: 062 438
ACC: 10211156
Description: Drought Appeal

Or send Cheques Payable to “The Rotary Club of Sydney Drought Appeal”
Post to Rotary Club of Sydney, GPO Box 1523, Sydney NSW 2001.

This effort shows humanity at it’s finest, the desire to help a fellow human being is something that is both special and long lasting and in the end the effort lasts into the future as millions of people are kept fed and hard working families hold on to their farms to continue to what they’ve done for many years beforehand.


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