Where is the sweet spot of Town?

Google Earth is a wonderful tool, it can give you outdated but wonderful shots of areas to see how things have spread out or decreased over time.

So DNS has taken a look to see where could possibly be the residential sweet spot, the sweet spot is where all needs are covered without traveling far.


The Distance between the Henry Street corner of Deniliquin High and a gate of South School is roughly 300 metres so families close by don’t have to travel far.

The distance between TAFE and Deniliquin High is about 1.1km on the road.

North School and Deniliquin High is around two and a quarter kilometres in a straight line from each other or if you draw a Path on Google Earth it could be as far as 2.5km.

Edward School is around 1.6 kilometres from Deniliquin High School and the Christian School is roughly 2.2km from Deniliquin High School.

St Michael’s is roughly 450 metres from Deniliquin High depending on which gates you use at both locations.

So North School and Christian School are both roughly the same distance from the High School but are both located in different parts of town.

School Buses are a valuable asset for those who go to the High School from the North Side and those areas that are on the fringes of town on the other side of the Edward River.


From the corner of Henry Street and Junction Street to the East End Store on Crispe Street is roughly 250 metres.

The East End Store is the closest store for up to 3 kilometres of residential housing and properties in the south direction (towards Pretty Pine).

In a straight line, the distance between Central IGA and Coles is around 900 metres whilst there are no Supermarkets in North Deniliquin unless you count Coles Express which is also a Service Station, residents will have to go over the bridge to get their weekly shop.

Is it possible that Deniliquin’s major shops are too centralized? Could an ambitious developer find it ambitious enough to build a small Supermarket on the North side to supply those residents in that area?


Entertainment is in no short supply in Deniliquin with virtually all sides of town having a place nearby.

The west side has the White Lion being the only establishment on that side but can be seen as not the weakest side of the entertainment spectrum.

The North has the Edward River Hotel and Sportsmen’s Arms Hotel/Motel and the East has the Coach House Hotel Motel, RSL Club and the Bowling Club.

The centre part of town has the Globe and the Exchange with the Exchange closer to the East than the centre of town.

The South has the Railway Hotel and it would be the closest port of call for many residents who have to go by foot but car makes it easier to visit any place just make sure if you are having a big night a non drinking driver is available to take you back home.


Most of Deniliquin’s shops are on Cressy Street, Napier Street and George St whilst on the North Side, Davidson Street has the majority of shops although on Davidson Street businesses are spread out over several hundred metres.

Deniliquin Plaza is located on Hardinge Street which houses Coles, Green Pepper Pizza and The Reject Shop whist Harvey Norman and Mitre 10 are also on Hardinge Street.


Living in an area between that is between Junction Street and Napier Street may be the sweet spot as everything is in walking distance from Schools to Entertainment but residents have different tastes in terms of vehicle traffic, sounds of every day life and other factors in their search for the perfect location.

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Sweet Spot


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