State of the Campaign

As the campaign to persuade the MHLD to reconsider the proposed infrastructure that would not bring any benefit to Deniliquin continues, Deniliquin continues to proudly display the colour Blue in support of the campaign.

A very impressive total of 1,617 signatures have been gathered for the petition and considering the population of the town is in the mid to late 7,000’s it ensures that the message to the MHLD is delivered as strongly as possible.

State MP Adrian Piccoli‘s office in Cressy Street will see no shortage of Blue as bows and ribbons are in display in front of and to the left and the right of his office, the attention of Mr Piccoli is of importance as he is Deputy Leader of the National Party whose party is sharing Government with Mike Baird’s Liberal Party in New South Wales.

Mr Piccoli is also on the front bench of the Baird Government as he has served as Education Minister for several years.

A lack of action from the local member could result in a swing against the Nationals and the Liberals as local residents are also unimpressed with the MDBP (Murray-Darling Basin Plan) and could become a local election issue, Deniliquin is held at National level by the Liberals as well as the Nationals at State level.

As with most issues, this campaign is far from over as both sides will dig in to ensure their case is the right one but organisers and the residents of Deniliquin are sure they are in the right for the good of the community.


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