Deniliquin turns Blue

Deniliquin turned Blue today as residents showed their support for their local Nurses and protest against the proposed changes that will affect Deniliquin Hospital.

There were people wearing Blue clothing, there was people and letterboxes with Blue ribbons, there were Blue balloons on fences, Blue ribbons on signs even a ribbon was spotted around Colin too.

The colour support was not the only aspect of the day as several residents held up signs in support of the Nurses and a petition was also being signed by residents throughout the day.

Enthusiasm and support for today has been building all week with numerous Facebook posts being made and demand was so high for Blue ribbon that supplies had to be brought in from other towns to satisfy demand.

The town will remain Blue for some time to come as all good things take time to be done but it is hoped that the change the town seeks will happen sooner rather than later.

Photos of all the action taken by residents and organisers can be seen at ‘Colour Deni Blue‘ and DNS will continue to report on the fate of the proposed changes to the Murrumbidgee Local Health District as it comes to hand.



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