1998 DNPS Swimming Carnival

On February 27 1998, The majority of DNPS students traveled across the bridge to the Deniliquin Swimming Centre to conduct their swimming carnival.

The weather on the day behaved itself allowing the carnival to go ahead without any interruptions as Summer was going through it’s second last day of the season.

There were 17 Boys in Boyd, 16 in Cobb, 19 in McKenzie and 15 in Tyson and there were 14 Girls in Boyd, 12 in Cobb, 14 in McKenzie and 15 in Tyson making it a total of 67 Boys and 55 Girls in action across 30 events (not including novelty events).

Students in Houses
Boyd – 31
Cobb – 28
McKenzie – 33
Tyson – 30

Total: 122 students

All students were split in three groups with A Grade swimmers swimming in the large pool and B and C Grade’s swimming in the medium pool.

There were no lanes in the medium pool and those who could not swim were instructed to walk through the water but crouched down with the water up to neck height and arms were to move in the swimming motion.

All students were under the shelter which was divided into the four houses but students were free to go into the other sections.

The carnival was a success and soon all students went back to their usual routines until the Athletics Carnival and Cross Country races came around months later.

(To be future edited to include results and other details)



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