Wear Blue for Nurses

A proposed restructure of the Murrumbidgee Local Health District is expected to result in community altering changes to the staff structure of Deniliquin Hospital.

The proposal seeks to change the status of two nurse unit manager positions, the downgrading of their roles could have a negative effect on the well being of staff who will have to do more to cover the downgraded roles therefore increasing levels of fatigue and stress.

As staff deal with increased stress and fatigue, the level of patient care could fall as the staff are stretched that little bit further to cover the medical needs of patients every day.

In response to this proposal, the residents of Deniliquin have been encouraged to wear blue on Friday February 26.

Deniliquin is a town where the colour blue is easy to obtain for wearers of the colour blue can be seen in schools, clubs, the local gym and other locations throughout town making the task of turning the town blue a task not out of reach.

Residents also have the option to receive a free ribbon from the Cressy Street Kiosk and at around 11am WIN News will be there as well to file a report on the situation.

So wear blue Deniliquin residents and show that you feel blue about the proposed changes.


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