TAFE and Vinnies Outreach combine for good of humanity

Certificate One in Access to Work and Training are currently spending Wednesday’s at Vinnies Outreach where the class does a mixture of lesson and project making.

One project has been the growing an maintaining a garden, the aim of this garden is to grow herbs and sell them at markets with a 50/50 split in money expected to be the end result.

The class has a second garden currently operational at TAFE which grows Tomatoes and Capsicum as well as flowers, the food generated by this garden is expected to end up at the TAFE canteen where it will go into the food that students eat every day.

Another project is the making of Jewelry, it is unknown at this time if the Jewelry will be sold along with the herbs although it is considered to be a good idea for it could bring in more customers.

A third potential project is wood work with images of Kangaroos hammered into the wood, this project may not go beyond the personal stage but viewings of the first piece has been well received.

Whatever happens, this project could bring success beyond all expectations leading to a bigger future.


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