Thoughts to the Rovers

This weekend. the Deniliquin Rovers A Grade Netballers will be taking to the court in an attempt to do what no A Grade Rovers side has done before, win the premiership.

‘Win the Premiership’ those three words must weigh a ton on each of the players shoulders but the team should not feel overwhelmed by the Grand Final but instead embrace it for all it’s worth, take in the emotions from everyone around you and feel good about yourself, it’s your stage and you got a show to perform.

In 1959, Melbourne Demons coach Norm Smith was talking to his players and he said to star player Hassa Mann ‘Son, you may never, ever, get the opportunity to play in another Grand Final, Don’t blow it’.

Those words were words of empowerment to Hassa Mann because he did not want to let the other 17 players on the team down, he wanted to make the best of his opportunity and he did because Melbourne won that flag and when Melbourne made the next Grand Final, Norm Smith said the same words and they won again and Hassa Mann took those words to the team he coached and they won.

  1. Treat it like a regular match
  2. Embrace all the emotions around you
  3. Show what you can do on the big stage
  4. Don’t get cocky and/or selfish
  5. Trust in your team
  6. Play for those around you
  7. Be Humble in Victory, Be Gracious in Defeat

All this was learned from a book called ‘The Red Fox’ a biography on Norm Smith, Norm Smith was a man who won ten premierships with four coming as a player and six coming as a coach and so his thoughts and recollections by those who played under him make the book an inspiring source of information.

Good luck Rovers.


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