TAFE and Naponda aim for the market

November 14 will be the day when the Cert 1 Access to Work and Training class at TAFE works with Naponda at the local market.

Herbs are on the menu and it is hoped that townspeople will be tempted to buy the chives, mints and other herbs on offer.

The project began with a two person team researching the right mix of vegetables and flowers to plant at Denilquin TAFE before the project was moved to Vinnies Outreach for several weeks with the team expanding to three then falling back to two before all plants and materials were moved back to Deniliquin TAFE which required all class members in order to make things happen.

The class is confident that it will go well as the herbs are continuing to grow at an excellent rate ensuring that any demand from market goers are met when November 14 comes around.



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