1944 Dust storm

September 8 2020

On a December day in 1944, Deniliquin was hit by a dust storm and five photographs were taken as it arrived at the Airport.

The five photographs were not numbered but hopefully we got them in the right order, what we do know is that the storm arrived at 4:30pm.

It is possible that this occurred on December 10 1944 as the Daily Telegraph reported that Deniliquin had a storm on December 10.

Storm is getting coming
Storm in the distance
It’s getting closer
The storm is here, are those trenches in the centre?

As seen in the last photograph the dust storm reached a row of three visible aircraft that you can see in the fifth photo.

The best thing about the photos is that it gives a good look at the RAAF buildings, aircraft and personnel.

We will continue to try find out more about this event.


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