Sports Talk (6/9/20)

September 5 2020

Due to the virus, Rovers Seniors and Reserves teams in Football and Rovers A Grade, B Grade, C Grade and C Reserves are unable to play in competition this year.

But kids are able to and now it is the first week to finals to determine who makes the Grand Final.

Apologies for the delay in reporting as scores were not all posted at once.


Thirds lost 10.5 – 65 to 6.7 – 43
Fourths won 17.11-113 to 1.0 – 6


Under 17’s won 43 to 34 (vs Blighty)
Under 15’s won 26 to 8 (vs Jerilderie)
Under 13’s won 40 to 3 (vs Blighty)

Rovers report that the Under 17’s lost to Berrigan 58 to 27.


If the websites are correct, the Grand Final next week features the following.

Fourths take on Berrigan

Under 17’s take on Berrigan (apparently not)
Under 15’s take on Blighty
Under 13’s take on Berrigan

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk.


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