Sports Talk (17/8/20)

August 17 2020

Due to the virus, Rovers Seniors and Reserves teams in Football and Rovers A Grade, B Grade, C Grade and C Reserves are unable to play in competition this year.

But kids are able to and so the Rovers taken on Blighty in Round 4 of competition at Memorial Park.


Thirds won 15.14 – 104 to 4.4 – 28
Fourths won 8.6 – 54 to 1.0 – 6


Under 17’s won 60 to 40
Under 15’s won 27 to 18
Under 13’s won 50 to 4


It was a clean sweep on the weekend, if we were the Portland Mavericks we would be getting out our brooms and wave them around.

Here is how the rest of the season is going to look for the Rovers sides in this four team competition.

Round 5 – Jerilderie (Away)
Round 6 – Berrigan (Away)

We’ll be back on Saturday with a new edition of Sports Talk.


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