Sports Talk (8/9/19)

September 8 2019

The mixed bag of action continued this weekend as Deniliquin had clubs in three sports either trying to progress in finals or be premiers/champions.

The Wanderers played Yoogali SC today in the Grand Final and unfortunately for Wanderers fans, it was Yoogali SC who were champions after winning the game 4-3.

It may not be the result the Wanderers or their fans had hoped for but this year has proven that Soccer is back to stay in Deniliquin after a long absence followed by a stint of team sharing.

Below are the Football and Netball results separated into the categories of Rams Football, Rovers Football, Rams Netball and Rovers Netball.

For those not familiar with game acronyms, SF is Semi Final and PF is Preliminary Final.

Preliminary Final winners go through to a Grand Final, Semi Final winners go through to the Preliminary Final and any side that lost either are unfortunately eliminated.

Rams Football Results

Fourths won 10.6 – 66 to 4.2 – 26 (SF vs Moama)

Rovers Football Results

Seniors lost 9.16 – 70 to 5.7 – 37 (PF vs Waaia)
Reserves lost 11.7 – 73 to 2.1 – 13 (PF vs Waaia)
Thirds lost 11.9 – 75 to 7.3 – 45  (PF vs Katunga)
Fourths lost 9.4 – 58 to 3.4 – 22 (PF vs Strathmerton)

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 44 to 37 (SF vs Cobram)
C Grade lost 48 to 45 (SF vs Nathalia)
C Res lost 45 to 32 (SF vs Nathalia)
17 and Under lost 47 to 41 (SF vs Rumblara)
13 and Under won 38 to 23 (SF vs Rumbalara)

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade lost 53 to 47 (PF vs Picola United)
C Grade lost 70 to 18 (PF vs Berrigan)
C Res won 30 to 29 (PF vs Rennie)
17 and Under lost 41 to 38 (PF vs Picola United)
15 and Under lost 44 to 25 (PF vs Blighty)
13 and Under lost 20 to 16 (PF vs Blighty)


It wasn’t the easiest of weekends for Deniliquin’s sport teams but there are a lot of positives from the last month to remember and below are some examples.

The Wanderers made a Grand Final in their first year back and the Rams Reserves made finals after a difficult 2018 whilst the Netball sides had another strong year.

The Drovers made the Grand Final and it had taken a very good team to stop them from taking home the title.

The Rovers had all four football teams participate in finals and ten out of 11 Rovers sides participated in the Preliminary Finals across Football and Netball.

So while the weekend didn’t go according to plan, it has still been a good year and there’s the possibility of a couple of premierships coming too.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk.


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