Roadworks update – September 2019

September 4 2019

Deniliquin’s roads, curbs and gutters have been getting pulled up and redone over the last couple of months which is good news for locals who were getting annoyed with a bumpy drive and seeing crumbling curbs.

Napier Street is looking good though it does kind of resemble a drag strip up one end with the new centre in place, hopefully nobody gets the idea of using it that way late at night with nobody around.

Napier Street should be fully operational by the end of the month allowing cars to once again park in front of businesses to spend their cash in the shops instead of walking the labyrinth to get to them.

Cripse Street is another street that is getting worked on and as you can see in the pictures below, work has been progressing at a good rate.

Wood Street between Junction Street and Edwardes Street is also getting worked on but this work is the installation of new kerbs and guttering which means that no roads will be closed.



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