Visiting Edward River Oval

April 8 2019

Edward River Oval has been a place over the decades that has seen its fair share of Cricket action, North School Athletic Carnivals and much more.

There is no longer any sport being played on the oval with Memorial Park, Rotary Park and Hardinge Street Oval (aka Rams Oval) now handling all the sporting activities.

One of the downsides of ERO was that you had to play close to the Davidson Street end if you wanted to get a quick drink from the bubbler or get some shade.

But it is not all doom and gloom for the ERO as the draft of the Edward River Open Space Strategy says that the ERO is
a good location for community events and needs to be kept for that purpose“.

After seeing the state of the oval, a lot of work has to be done to make it perfect for community events especially when it comes to quenching thirst or needing to use a toilet.

It would be a wonderful place for a drive in cinema, they can put the screen up the end with all the trees, add a snack shop and all the rest and when something isn’t showing use it for markets etc ensuring regular use but that is just a suggestion.



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