Deniliquin’s new entertainment

Over the last decade or so, cities and towns across Australia have been wondering what to do with people who loiter around places at hours they should not be at.

Those in charge of our lovely town have spent months looking at all the ways to keep people either in Deniliquin’s establishments or stay in the comfort of their own homes instead of wondering the streets like Cressy and Napier.

Since killing off the town’s nightlife would not work either socially or politically as evidenced by the backlash against the NSW Government for what is happening in Sydney, something else will have to be tried in order to bring peace and harmony.

The new proposal is simple, install speakers in the awnings of buildings along the length of Cressy and End Street with the exception of the Globe, Exchange and Coach House and play music from around 8pm until sunrise.

While some people may think of this as a joke, there have been instances in history that music has been used to drive people off, one example is the use of baroque music in Victorian railway stations.

Baroque music is a style of music that was written before 1750 and is best known for being the style before classical music.

In order to not disturb nearby residents, the sound will not be loud enough to reach homes and there will be no heavy use of bass.

Over 30 songs were considered with the idea of making a soundtrack that would loop but after song testers listened to every song on offer, the conclusion was that listeners might actually enjoy the songs the came mostly from the late 1990’s.

It then had to be one song and no it is not the song that Bill and Ted have to play to save the world but it is one that may change Deniliquin’s nightlife and that song is……

Achy Breaky Heart.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ monster hit of 1992, the song that made some people boot scoot and made others scream in agony will be playing over and over to the annoyance of wandering locals and tourists alike.

In this day and age of the use of earphones, some businesses may take up the offer of a looping video music of the song so if somebody looks in the shop window, they’ll see Billy Ray Cyrus and his really long mullet singing perhaps his biggest hit.

For those unfamiliar with the song or forgotten how it goes, we offer you the first four lines of the song.

You can tell the world you never was my girl
You can burn my clothes up when I’m gone
You can tell your friends just what a fool I’ve been
And laugh and joke about me on the phone

Don’t worry Deniliquin, this event will not be happening as today is April 1 2019, we hope you don’t tell anyone the joke and let them see it for themselves, who knows it may inspire them to give the song a play, maybe some business will play it today or any other day.


1 thought on “Deniliquin’s new entertainment

  1. I thought the Deniliquin Air Freight Hub has won the April fools day joke for the last four years.Love to know how much money has been spent on this ,blind Freddy could of told them it could never work.


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