Poll Time (17/3/19)

March 17 2019

In this edition we ask readers three questions, the first asks who will win the seat of Murray in the NSW election, one is asking for a grade for the Street Bazaar that was held on March 9 and lastly we ask for your thoughts on an Off leash Dog Park.

Who will win the seat of Murray?

The NSW Election is on March 23, it is an important election as there is a lot at stake, an ALP victory may pave the way for the party to win in the Federal Election, if the Coalition hangs on there will be no doubt that they’ll get a scare particularly in our seat of Murray.

Helen Dalton took it right up to the National Party and their candidate Austin Evans in 2017 and this year she might pull off a victory or do you think one of the nine other candidates will win?

What rating do you give the Street Bazaar?

The Street Bazaar was on March 9 and we’re wondering what rating out of A, B, C, D and F you would give it.

Does Deniliquin need an Off Leash Dog Park?

A Dog Park has been long discussed, it was even an election issue by some of the candidates when the town went to the polls to make the first full Edward River Council.

So we are wondering if locals are still interested in an off leash dog park or is the issue something that isn’t high up the priority list?

Polls close on March 22, the polls are on the right hand side of the page for computer users and down the bottom for phone users or click on the links on each of the titles.


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