Deni Speaks (10/3/19)

March 10 2019

Over the last couple of months, we’ve run polls about the ERC, Roads, Subway and Fish and below you will see each question, how many votes each question received and the number of votes and percentage each one got.

What rating do you give the ERC?

We received 44 votes on the issue and the results are the following in order of possible answers

A – 11% (5 votes)
B – 11% (5 votes)
C – 23% (10 votes)
D – 36% (15 votes)
F – 18% (8 votes)

Do you like the changed Subway menu?

We received 25 votes on the issue and it is one of the closest votes we’ve ever had as it came down to just one person.

Yes – 52% (13 votes)
No – 48%  (12 votes)

What grade would you give for local roads?

We received 76 votes on the issue and there were a couple of amusing comments with at least two giving the roads a grade of s**t, we thank them for their honesty.

A – 1% (1 vote)
B – 5% (4 votes)
C – 7% (5 votes)
D – 25% (19 votes)
F – 62% (47 votes)

Are you worried that what is happening to fish in Menindee will happen in Deniliquin?

Yes – 96% (23 votes)
No  – 4% (1 vote)


The ERC has taken a bit of a battering in the last year but with works like Scott’s Park (aka Rocket Park), the refurbishing of the old Scout Hall and more, it will be interesting to see what voters will think of the ERC when we revisit the issue in around December.

Subway’s new menu choices currently have the tick of approval, the menu change across Australia has been controversial and it will be interesting to see if the acceptance of the menu continues in the future.

Locals are really unhappy with the roads, it will be interesting to revisit this issue in December and find out if there have been any chances in local thoughts, don’t forget you can write down your thoughts on our discussion thread as well.

The 96% ‘Yes’ vote confirms that locals are worried about things like what is happening in Menindee as well as the Murray Darling Basin Plan, with NSW elections on the 23rd and the Federal Election in May, it will be interesting to see if the water issue results in a change of seat representation and leadership.

We thank everyone for taking the time to vote on the issues and if you have a question you want polled, please let us know.


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