DHiP back to regular posting – Feb ’19

February 19 2019

Deniliquin History in Photos is back to posting regularly after a quiet stretch of time.

Yesterday marked the 39th anniversary of Bon Scott’s death, Bon Scott was for several years the frontman for AC/DC as they muscled past Skyhooks and Sherbet to become #1 by the end of 1979 .

So what does the anniversary of death of Bon Scott got to do with Deniliquin?

AC/DC came to Deniliquin in May 1975, their visit was between their debut album ‘High Voltage’ and their second album ‘T.N.T’ (released in December 1975).

‘High Voltage’ got up to 14th position on the Kent Music Report (pre ARIA charts) by selling around 350,000 copies.

It must of been a fairly long night at Memorial Park, the show started at 8pm and the band Moby Dick was also playing that night, comments from locals indicate that the show was full of energy.

But back to the DHiP, we’ve seen stories or shared links about AC/DC, UFO’s, Sam Lloyd, Horace the Emu and more over the last couple of weeks and it is wonderful to see the page back in full swing.

Deniliquin History in Photos is our favourite Deniliquin page, it is always informative and it keeps people wondering about not only about history but how did things come to be and lastly they’ve helped us sharpen up the game ‘Deniliquin Quiz II‘.


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