Local Improvements – #3

February 10 2019

Today’s edition of ‘Local Improvements’ takes a look at the area from the old KFC outlet to corner of Wood and Napier Street.


There was still signs of railway life in 2005, you can see the big shed and the goods train station is still standing too.

The KFC bucket can be seen in the top left corner of the image, this image will no doubt sadden those who currently crave the Chicken and other items that KFC provides.

There are also three houses and one business next to KFC and the Purtills Depot still exists next to Deniliquin Plaza.


The Purtills Depot is now down to concrete, the rail shed is now gone and the goods station is now demolished through if you needed some bricks, they weren’t in short supply.

There are two houses and the business still beside what is now no longer KFC.


By 2015 there was no more rail turntable although the remains of the platforms are still around.

There are still two houses and the business still beside what is now Ray White Real Estate (complete with KFC logo’d glass).


By 2018 Deniliquin Plaza now has undercover parking, now people have a chance to shop in the summer without your car toasty by the time you get back to your car.

The remains of the passenger platform and the goods platform are now gone and so are the bricks, the rail line now ends just across the

There is now just the business visible instead of it and two houses from 2015.



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