What does the memo say?

December 27 2018

On Christmas Eve we received a copy of an 1881 memo that was written by W. H. Allanson.
Unfortunately we don’t know what the message says in its entirety but we can tell you a little about W. H. Allanson.

Mr Allanson owned a saddlery store and came to Deniliquin from Avoca in 1875.

By 1898 he was on the Hospital Committee and he was on the School of Arts Committee having been equal highest vote getter in the 1901 election.

In 1902, two trees were expected to be planted in front of Mr Allanson’s shop in End Street but were not at the time of a council meeting that among other things discussed the issue.

He donated to the Dr Noyes memorial in March 1905 and whilst other Allanson’s are mentioned in The Independent over the next couple of decades, he is not written about again after March 1905.

Can you decipher what Mr Allanson is saying?


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