Rainfall falls short

December 17 2018

Deniliquin received some rain last week taking the monthly past one third of the long term average amount of rainfall.

There was hopes for a 30mm day but the town had to be satisfied with a total of 11.2mm according to Weatherzone’s 9am to 9am rainfall measuring system.

The monthly total currently stands at 16.2mm with 29mm the long term average.

Unfortunately there is currently no rainfall forecast for between now and December 24 and of course hot conditions does not help matters.

According to Weatherzone, Deniliquin receives an average total of 376.6mm of rain up to December, at this time last year Deniliquin received 341mm of rain but this year Deniliquin has received 176mm.

The town has received 200.6mm less rain than the average up to December, the town has also received 165mm less than this time last year.

The town has had 25.1 less days of rain than the average up to December and when we compare today’s figures to this time last year the gap is 19 days.

The above just shows how important the request for more water resources from the Murray is, surely some water can be diverted from environmental requirements to allow farmers to make up some of the difference in the rainfall shortage?

Visitors to Speak Up 4 Water will see how desperate local farmers want change, farms are at risk, livelihoods are at risk because the less our farmer make is the less they can sell to companies then sell to the people both near and far.

It is reported by Speak Up 4 Water that the MDBP is causing the banks of the Murray to degrade,  causing European Carp to thrive, the death of native fish by hypoxic black-water events and then there is the killing of animals in flooded environmental areas.

We understand that our area will become a political battleground next year because political parties can sense the Liberals and the Nationals are in trouble but nobody cares about left wing, right wing, conservative and all the other groups right now, they only care about right and wrong and decisions made by common sense.


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