Rain at last! – October 10 2018

October 10 2018

Deniliquin woke up to the sound of rain just before 6am and by 9am it had reached 8.4mm even though Weatherzone has put down 8mm.

Weatherzone has a unique rainfall chart and that is because it only counts rainfall from 9am to 9am and so history will record Deniliquin receiving 8mm on Wednesday even though it continued to rain through the day.

9.8mm between 9am January 30 and 9am January 31 was the record and so some may of felt disappointed that a new record for 2018 wasn’t set but they weren’t disappointed for long.

The rainfall didn’t stop at 9am as it continued to rain steadily and between 10:30 and 10:40am it rained 0.6mm to send the post 9am total to 10mm and a new rainfall record.

By 11am the total amount of rain between 6 and 11am approached 20mm but the rain was slowing down as the band of moderate rain moved past and the town received lighter rain.

By 12pm the rain was almost on its way out of town and was heading west to dump its cargo on other towns ensuring that they get some rain too.

We ended up with 23mm of rain, 23.5mm in some other areas, we needed every millimetre as a dry couple of months is expected to occur.

Monday’s forecast looks interesting according to Weatherzone, if the rain forecast for that day comes true then our local farms will be in much better shape than just a day ago as water tanks and dams will be getting more of a fill and the soil will be more deeper soaked than before..


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