Poll Time (6/10/18)

October 6 2018

We have three new questions up for readers to consider and answer on the side of the page (computer users) or at the bottom of the page (phone users), one asks for a rating on the ERC, one asks how the local economy is going and the last asks if the Federal Government has improved under Scott Morrison.

Questions asked

1. What Rating Do You Give The ERC?
2. How is the local economy?
3. Has the Government improved under Scott Morrison?

The rating for the ERC is asked as it has been over a year since the council was elected and we are hoping to get a snapshot of how they’re going.

The local economy question is to see if bad drought conditions and the status of the economy on a national scale have affected the town.

The Scott Morrison question is asked because it has been after a month since he was made PM and it will be interesting to see if the LNP is back in contention after many political experts have called the next election to the ALP.

Polls will run until Saturday October 20.


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