Deniliquin on YouTube – May 2018

May 27 2018

Every couple of months we take a look at YouTube has that is related to town and in the last month there is a couple of options, some of them are below.

A show called Art-E-Facts has a video on local artist Meg Williams, the video runs for just over four minutes and was made by South West Arts Inc.

Deniliquin Sporting Car Club has a range of videos showing competitors competing in the NGK Victorian Motorkhana Championship.

The videos are of various lengths with the longest being 1 minute and 53 seconds.

Big4 Deniliquin Holiday Park has a couple of videos online and they show all the good things and the good times that people can have at the park.

Deniliquin Riverside Caravan Park has a couple of videos on offer showing people all the great things the caravan park has on offer.

Elders Deniliquin from time to time posts videos of livestock with a new video just posted for those who like to see what livestock is on offer.

Noisy Street Design have been releasing videos that they have worked on and the latest one is a music video that features Zara Lindeman and Shane McGrath singing a song, the song is called ‘Autumn Leaves’ and it has over 100 views.

They also have a music video by Ruby Saltbush titled ‘The Way That It Goes’ and it is approaching 100 views.

We hope that you found some of these videos interesting and don’t forget to look around as you may find other videos of interest, if you have a YouTube account make sure you subscribe to each of their channels to get future content.

We’ll check back for more videos in the near future.


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