Deniliquin briefly lost their thumbs

May 18 2018

If you have been wondering why Facebook has been quiet recently, it may have something to do with the fact there is no more of the classic Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down group.

Thousands of posts gone from history just like that and those posts came from thousands of people who were part of the group that rarely had a dull moment.

It seemed to have been a chaotic group, rules were more flexible than a Stretch Armstrong figure, there was a lot of admins and fights happened daily over well everything but occasionally people were told what they really needed to know (locations of used needles, customer service in shops etc).

A business that was given the thumbs down one day were almost assured of getting a barrage of thumbs up posts by the next day and the town quickly learned that criticizing a business was a very bad idea (do it in person instead, problems are usually solved that way).

The group sure had it all in its existence and people no doubt will miss what they saw going on day to day.

But don’t worry readers, there is another group out there to serve all your needs in getting to know who or what the movers and shakers of public opinion are.

So an era ended and a new one has begun, will it be as interesting and chaotic as the last one? Probably not but there’s no doubt it will be informative.


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