Work continues on The Globe

February 10 2018

Work continues on The Globe with the building now looking pretty bare without its veranda/balcony.

Readers will see below three images of the ongoing reconstruction effort and they were taken by our photography wizard Daniel Clark.

This repair work has given us a chance to take a look at the bottom floor as it has changed little over the last century.


It is a little hard to see in the scanned book picture but you can see the bottom of the hotel is virtually exactly the same with the only major changes being to the right hand side with the double doors and wider windows.

Those responsible for the dismantling of the damaged sections of the hotel have done a fine job in the short amount of time that has passed since the damage occurred two and a bit weeks ago.

It is always a relief knowing that nobody was seriously injured or killed when the town was hit by the storm that arrived quickly, packed a punch and departed the area within ten minutes.

We will continue to report on the reconstruction efforts as they come to hand.


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