Deni Speaks (6/2/18)

February 6 2018

Over the last couple of weeks, we have asked readers questions on the local economy and what their highlight was from DNS’s array of reports and stories.

How is the local economy going?

It is on a downturn – 40.91%
It is going steady – 31.82%
Anyone got a paddle? – 27.27%
It is thriving – 0%
It is going great – 0%

In terms of the economy is going good vs neutral and going bad, just over 68% of voters voted for the the economy is going bad options with 31.82% going neutral and 0% saying it is either going great or thriving.

Your favourite DNS story of 2017 is……..

Deniliquin’s Hotel History – 35%
Images of Deniliquin – 25%
‘Return and Earn’ – December 1 2017 – 10%
It’s Back!!!!!!! – 10%
Exploring Deniliquin in 2008 – 5%
Shopping revolution coming to Deni – 5%
Deniliquin from the air – 5%
Election Complication – 5%
ERC Election Wrap – 0%
Hunting down the Lyceum Theatre – 0%

Deniliquin’s Hotel History which is our biggest post in terms of word length is the favourite of readers with 35% of voters selecting it.

‘Images of Deniliquin’ which was a look back at historical images of landmarks that are now mostly gone received a quarter of the votes.


Confidence doesn’t seem high from the 22 answers we received and the recent stock market plunge will probably not boost confidence at all but it would be interesting to return to the question in May to see if more people answer and if things get better.

2017 was a good year for DNS, we learned that people loved knowing about events, reading a good joke on April 1 and looking through a history that is slowly fading away in terms of physical traces like the railway platforms that are now gone.

If you have a question you’d like answered and it is tasteful, let us know and we’ll put it up.


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