From The Banks Of The Edward

December 22 2017

This week we picked up a book by Deniliquin Creative Writers called ‘From The Banks Of The Edward’.

It is a 128 page book filled with various stories, some discuss relationships that lasted for decades or they discussed sport, a couple are poems about the Edward River and a couple of stories talk about achievements and more.

One example of a story is ‘The New Chum’ by John Russell and it tells the story of Ada Jinks who moved to Deniliquin from England and the story tells how she and her husband John came to town, got their first house and it also describes how the conditions were and how locals got through times such as drought.

The story is insightful and accurate because of meticulous research through Ada’s own writings.

There are several pictures scattered throughout the book, most are of the subjects of the book but there is pictures of the now demolished Deniliquin Goal, the Community Centre when it was looking great and more.

Overall it is a great book and if any locals come across it they should give it a read.



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