Train pictures continue to come

December 11 2017

Local train lovers will be pleased to know that more pictures have been uploaded onto Flickr.

Below are links to seven of the pictures, The Geoff Cargeeg Collection has been a treasure trove of pictorial history when it comes to local rail and the new pictures were uploaded late last week.

Among the seven pictures whose links are below is one of K176 when it was displayed on a turntable before it eventually ended up at Seymour.

1. Train at Station
2. Train being loaded
3. Station with smaller buildings beside it
4. More of the station in picture
5. K176 on display
6. A distant shot of the station with passengers
7. Station at night

This picture on Weston Langford taken in 1994 may interest people too as it does show a lot of differences of the area towards the rice mill.

It will be interesting to see if any more pictures will come up online in the near future.


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