Petition to retain Peacocks launched

November 28 2017

An online petition was created late yesterday calling on the ERC to keep the Peacocks at Waring Gardens and allow them to continue their decades long stay along with the other animals in the gardens.


Almost 30 people have signed the petition in the early going and this number is expected to rise in the coming hours and days as word spreads on social media.


The Peacocks in particular are a popular attraction to the town and have been for many decades and the loss of them would create a small but very noticeable change to the makeup of the town.

It is felt that the facts that they are popular with locals and that the Peacocks and their fellow animals draw in tourists who spend their money in our shops is worth the cost of feeding them, maintaining their enclosure and ensuring they are in the finest of health.

If you believe that the Peacocks should stay where they are, sign the petition by visiting this link.

We wish the petition the best of luck.


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