80’s teens to reunite in Echuca

November 26 2017

On Saturday night (December 2) in Echuca there will be a reunion of those who were teens in the 1980’s and lived the town as well as those who lived in local areas such as Deniliquin and frequently made (for us) the 45 minute trip to Echuca to enjoy all the border town fun.

It promises to be a big night with nearly 300 saying ‘Yes’ to attending and the festivities could potentially last until the early hours of the morning down at ‘The Yank’.

Below is a message from Suzy Farley who explains what the evening (and early morning) is all about and anyone interested in finding out more can do so by clicking on the link below.


For all the DENI Locals 😉

I have a page called “ECHUCA 80’s Teens“…

I’ve created an event “80’s Teens Reunion” Saturday 2nd Dec @ “The Yank”!!!

The Reunion is for ALL Echuca Locals PLUS ‘Adopted’ Locals (regular visitors from neighboring towns)….of THAT Era!!!

If you’d Love to catch up with old mates – it’s going to be a HUGE night!!!
280 Confirmed attending already 😎🎶🍻🌠

We would 💖 to see you there! 👌👌

Please READ (7) points & NOTE NEW DETAILS (centre)…

1. As we all know – TIME FLIES – so to make the MOST of the Night – please aim to Arrive 7pm…

2. NAME TAGS & WRIST BANDS ‘momentos’ – pick up upon arrival.

3. ‘DJ Stratt’ – as of 7pm – will be HIT’n us up with the BEST of the 80’s!! Finishing off the Night with AMERICAN PIE!!!

4. A GROUP PHOTO for Fun – of we 80’s revelers will be taken at some point during the night!!

5. REUNION PHOTO ALBUM – I’ll create one – so feel free to message me pics – to Include, Reminisce, Laugh, Cringe about…..

6. FOOD & DRINKS – This is a Regular evening…. we each buy our own.




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