1977 Railway Station pictures added to Flickr

October 25 2017

Good shots of Deniliquin Railway Station have been hard to find at least ones accessible to everybody.

But there is good news, sitting on Flickr is some really good pictures from 1977 and they were uploaded just over one week ago.

Also available is pictures from the 90’s, early 00’s and the various train tours in recent times, these can be found in the general search here though you can find two 1990 examples below.

Photo 1 – 60RM is coming in with Passengers
Photo 2 – Train at the Station with pickup right beside it
Photo 3 – RT14 at the station (1990)
Photo 4 – RT14 at a different angle (1990)
Photo 5 – Train at the station
Photo 6  – 1977 Image
Photo 7 – 62RM at Deniliquin Station
Photo 8 – 63RM in 1979
Photo 9 – 60RM and MT in 1977

There are 100’s of images of Deniliquin on Flickr from Cars to Trains, Families and Students and we hope it keeps on going for some time to come.


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