Postcards surge in popularity

October 13 2017

Prices of Deniliquin postcards have gone up in recent weeks though the age of them were the major selling point as postcards from the early 20th century were fetching prices of $40 or more on eBay.

Two of the high selling postcards were of the Waring Gardens from around 1910 featuring the gardens in a configuration not resembling what we know it to be today.

The two cards were in colour and appeared part of a series of town that included the shops in Napier Street at a time the Dublin Hotel was still in operation, these postcards are identifiable by ‘H. Gillespie, Publisher’ on the lower right corner of the card.

The strange thing about the above linked postcard is that it says Hapier Street, the postcard makers must of mistaken the N for a H in the instructions.

The H. Gillespie colour postcards seem to be ones postcard collectors are going for so if you ever bid for them be prepared to spend some serious coin on them.

So far we’ve noticed that postcards have been the Rose Series (example below), Valentines Series, Ajax Series and H. Gillespie, the former three series seem to be the easiest ones to obtain as collectors seem to let them go by.

We’ll keep readers updated on the eBay market as news comes to hand.



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