Murray By-Election – October 14

October 5 2017

Barely a month after the hustle and bustle of the ERC elections, residents will be back at the polling booths next Saturday to pick who will represent us at state level.

Six candidates are trying their luck to win the seat vacated by Adrian Piccoli, the Nationals have picked Austin Evans as their candidate in their bid to retain the seat.

Helen Dalton and Brian Mills are returning candidates from the 2015 poll, Helen Dalton came second in the 2015 poll as an Independent and is now with the Shooters, Fishers And Farmers Party.

Pete Robinson is back on the campaign trail and he is running as an Independent just weeks after trying to make it into the ERC, he has a Facebook page in operation for those wanting to know more about what he aims to achieve in the electorate.

Joining the four are Michael Kidd (Country Labor) and Ray Goodlass (Greens), some more details on all six candidates can be found here.

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party’s street cred has been on the rise in recent months as they did take the seat of Orange in the by-election held there from the Nationals, a feat that was long considered near impossible for any party.

Country Labor will be hoping the popularity of the Federal ALP will see them over the line and the Independents are no doubt hoping that rising desire for independent thought in Parliament will give them a chance.

Orange and Murray are similar for the reason that the Liberals or Nationals have held the seat and for decades including years under a different seat name.

According to a post in Menindee Region Community Group on the Darling River, a poll said 69.7% will be voting for Helen Dalton, a poll is running on this website to see if the domination is similar and see where the winds are blowing pre October 14.

Voting can be done at the below locations from 8am next Saturday.

Deniliquin Dental Clinic
Deniliquin High School
Deniliquin North Public School
Edward Public School


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